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Arkansas turns 185 + Buy a shirt to help us give back to the Old State House Museum

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Do you remember that time I farted and threw out my back at my last birthday party? Yeah, me either. But that’s one sure fire way to know that you’re getting really old! 

Speaking of getting old, guess who’s 185th birthday is on June 15th? 

No, it’s not my favorite Arkansan Bill Clinton! It’s only the birth date of the greatest state in the USA — Arkansas! 

Happy Birthday to you 

Happy Birthday to you

Happy 185th Birthday 


happy birthday to you!

To celebrate the birth of the natural state, the Old State House Museum hosts Arkansas Big Birthday Bash every year. During this event, local businesses run special promotions where a portion of sales from certain products are donated to the Old State House Museum. 

This year from June 4th through June 15th, if you buy a shirt from Rock City Outfitters that says Arkansas or references a city in Arkansas, $10 of that t-shirt sale will be donated to the Old State House Museum. 

Arkansas Tshirt

What is the Old State House Museum you ask? It’s that big white building with the pretty fountain and big cannon you posed with while stumbling around drunk on Markham street on your way back to the Doubletree after a RiverMarket bender. 

In case you don’t know anything about Arkansas history, The Old State House Museum was the original state capitol building until 1912 when the current capitol building was constructed. It is located in Downtown Little Rock and was built before Arkansas was officially a state in 1833. This building has witnessed some of the most historic events in our state and helps keep Arkansas history alive.

Do you want to get your mind blown after a few glasses of free wine at Second Friday Art Night? It happened to me! The craziest fact I learned while visiting the Old State House Museum is during the first session of the general assembly in December 1837, Speaker John Wilson killed Representative Joseph J. Anthony in a knife fight on the floor of the state House of Representatives, arguing about taxes. Mr. Anthony died immediately. Arkansas history can be a little crazy, am I right? 

Arkansas vote to secede from the United States and join the Confederacy happened in the Old State House Museum as well as pioneering medical research into hookworm and malaria, and two acceptance speeches by the president of the United States.

Old State House Museum Arkansas History

The Old State House is now a museum that focuses on Arkansas history and houses some really cool artifacts and exhibits that tells the stories that shaped our great state. It is open every day and admission is Free. You can take a guided tour which happens every hour until 4 p.m. or you can explore the museum by yourself with one of their self guided tours. 

The exhibits change regularly but some exhibits are there permanently including Pillars of Power, exploring the history of the Old State House; Arkansas's First Families featuring Arkansas First Ladies' gowns; The 1836 and 1885 House of Representatives chambers; Arkansas Supreme Court; and Arkansas Political history.

The Museum collects and displays artifacts associated with Arkansas Old State House, First families of Arkansas, Arkansas political memorabilia, quilts by Black Arkansans, Arkansas Art Pottery and artifacts associated with Arkansas entertainers. 

When you visit the museum, you can stand where a US president stood, imagine yourself as an early Arkansas legislator, see gowns of Arkansas first ladies, sit in the 1836 house of representatives chamber, experience living history characters and more! 

Read more about Arkansas’ Old State House Museum HERE

Buy a t-shirt from Rock City Outfitters HERE

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