Employment – Rock City Outfitters



Rock City Outfitters is in search for an experienced screen printer. 

Experience in screen-printing is a must and preferably experience with running an automatic machine. 

What type of person are we looking to hire you may be asking yourself?

- We are looking for the type of person who can find work to do even if you are not told to do something

- The type of person who can go longer than 5 minutes without having to look down at their phone

- The type of person who drank out of water hoses as kids

- The type of person that used to skateboard bare footed down their grandparents driveway while slamming pop rocks and RC Cola.

You get the picture. Btw, for you experienced screen printers…our print shop is located inside of our downtown Conway retail location...so it is heated and cooled! But this also means that you can be seen by our store patrons. Gasp. We are within walking distance from a bunch of restaurants which is important to us as we live to eat and don’t eat to live.

Either stop by our store/print shop at 1012 Oak Street in Downtown Conway to pick up or drop off an application or email completed applications to ryan@rockcityoutfitters.com.

DVD’s with you doing 5 minutes of Ninja and nun chuck moves would be freaking awesome…but they will not help you secure a position. If this does not sound like you or you already have an awesome screen printing job, please forward this on to someone you know who would be a good fit. See you on the flip side. Thanks, Ryan.