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T-shirts for Amelia

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At Rock City Outfitters, we like to give back to our community. And when we heard about a sweet little girl named Amelia who is in need of a liver transplant, we knew we had to help. 4 days after Amelia Fowler was born, she was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. A procedure was performed to fix this and Amelia’s condition improved for some time, but now she needs to travel to St. Louis for a liver transplant. With the cost of a transplant often exceeding $500,000, we are raising funds for Amelia and other babies like her with a brand new t-shirt. 

Read more about Amelia and her story here in this Article from Little Rock’s THV 11 News: http://bit.ly/2sWOucT

Get the shirt here: http://bit.ly/2udVscR

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    fgs on
  • She is such a beautiful baby and I am praying for a miracle. After all God is still in the miracle business. We need to pray in unity for Amelia and her family, friends, and health care providers.

    Donna Crouse on
  • I have always thought I was tough both physically and mentally. The newscast on Channel 4 concerning Amelia proved how weak I really am. I cried like a baby seeing that beautiful child knowing not a medical but financial miracle is all that is needed for that baby to live a full and fruitful life. Our God said when two or more come together in prayer it shall come to pass. I am praying. What about you? Buy a T-shirt and be a part of something very special.

    Robin Doyle on
  • Hi Kelsey! I know we have been emailing but I will relay this info so everyone can see.
    Around 70% of the shirt will go directly to help Amelia. The remaining portion will be used for production of the tee and the logistics of getting them everywhere they need to be. The support has been so tremendous that we have even had to hire another employee just to bag these up and ship them out! Of course, the more that is sold, the cheaper it is to produce the tee so hopefully we will be able to give even more. Thanks and let me know if you have any more questions.

    Ryan on
  • What percentage of these shirt sales is going to help Amelia?

    Kelsey on

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