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So Row 2017

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A couple of weekends ago, we participated in So Row, an annual event that benefits the Special Olympics of Arkansas. This event is so much fun and for such a good cause that we wanted to share it with you so you can join in on the fun next year. 

Crossfit Maumelle put this event together and we’re so thankful they did! The idea was to involve the local community and to raise money for a great cause. The event is a concept 2 rowing event where anyone can Row! Teams are built in groups of 6 from co-workers, friends, or fellow fitness enthusiasts and many of the local sports and fitness facilities take part in the event. 

This year, 13 teams of 6 participated in the event. And, each team has the chance to get donations before the event from local people and businesses for each meter they row. Each team rowed as many meters as possible in a 20 minute time frame. There is no amount of time each person is designated to row, the team just switches out as they see necessary. 

This year, Crossfit Hot Springs came out on top with the win at 6,234 meters.  Hustle and Row from Southwest Power Pool raised the most money per meter at $1,715.00. Overall, the event raised almost $8,000 for the Special Olympics. We hope you will participate in the event next year. Keep a watch out next May or June for details on the Crossfit Maumelle Facebook page. Let’s make this event bigger and better than ever! 

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