Rock City Outfitters has partnered with the Old State House Museum to honor Arkansas' Birthday.

In celebration of Arkansas’ birthday on June 15, we’ve teamed up with the Old State House Museum to help support the programs and services they provide. Want to help support this beautiful state? For this week only, buy one of the listed Arkansas inspired tees and $10 of each one of those shirts purchased go to the Old State House. If you would like to read more about The Old State House, Arkansas' Birthday and the other business' involved in the matter click HERE. But first check out a list of the following shirts that qualify for the celebration. 

Rocket Slide, Buffalo River, Ozark Mountains, Lake Conway, Broadway Bridge, Ray Winder Field, Dog town, Pinnacle Mountain, Dogpatch, Beaver Lake, Wiener Arkansas, El Dorado, Roy’s Paragould, Beaker Street, RussVegas, Conway, 870 fo sho, Jonesboro, Boston Mountains, Big Bang - Damascus, Searcy, Nuclear One, Mount Magazine, Pine Bluff, Jacksonville, Hot Springs, Big on Little Rock, Marble Falls, Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, Arkansas is a Natural , Arkansas Food Maps, Makin' Bacon in Arkansas