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New Shirt of the Month Club

Posted by Ryan Ritchie at

We know you have missed us. So we (me and Bill Shatner) decided to drop by and say hi and tell you about the most exclusive club in Arkansas: Rock City Outfitters shirt of the month club.

Bill even cancelled his Jerky of the Month Subscription Box and a couple other subscription services so he could join the club! It is just THAT exclusive! 

Our question to you is: Do you want to be a part of the coolest club in the history of the entire world?

Because Bill decided we can let a certain amount of people in the club, but only people who love mama, 'merica, and the natural state and have a valid credit card or checking account. 


Shirt of the Month Club

Here’s how it works: The Rock City Shirt of the Month Club will bring you a brand new design every single month with free shipping and only for a measly $19.95.

That's less than a water at Starbucks! 

The common folk not part of this most awesome club will pay $25 + $4 in shipping.

Plus, you will also be getting an awesome Arkansas Flag tee FREE when you sign up!

Upon sign up your card will be charged and we will send you out that month's Awesome new design along with this FREE Arkansas Flag tee.

After your first purchase, your credit card will then be charged on the 1st of every month (till you tell it not to) and we will send out that months awesome brand new designed tee between the 1st and the 5th of the month.

If you sign up on the 25th through the end of the month, you will still get that month's awesome tee (along with your free Arkansas Flag tee) but we will ship your products out with the next months newly designed tee which you will be charged for on the 1st of that next month.

There is only a 2 month commitment and you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime after that by logging into your account on our website. (but seriously, why would you want to?)

Can you pick your own design every month? Heck no!

That’s too much work for us and Tom Brady refused.

Our demented minds want to be in charge of the SOTM club designs.

The new designs will be carefully created and usually have to do with Arkansas or a particular holiday coming up.

Here is the shirt we sent out for February:

Shirt of the Month Club

These shirts will be classy enough that you can wear them to work, church, court hearings or give to your mom for her birthday.

My mom said she likes our shirts because they are soft as a baby’s bottom. 

Our March shirt was a big hit:

T-shirt Subscription Box for Arkansans

Scared of Commitment and don’t want to join the club?

Well first off, you can always cancel after the second month.

So no long term commitments here!

But if you are still unsure, you can grab any of our shirt of the month shirts or the Arkansas T-shirt you would be getting free upon signup at non-subscription price plus shipping.  

The best part of being part of the club is we will randomly send you coupon codes and deals that you can use to add on to your monthly subscription.

Like I said, it’s exclusive AF. 

Get your shirt of the month club subscription HERE. And act fast, because this blog post will self destruct in 


Have questions? See our FAQ page HERE

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