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Fundraiser Tees

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You asked for it and now you’re gonna get it! No, we’re not giving you a black eye like your big sister used to do in grade school, but we do have some new Coronavirus shirt designs. I mean, what are you going to wear when you’re still sitting on top of stack of toilet paper in 2050? We are not trying to make fun or light of the virus, but just want to remember how we came together as Arkansans at this unusual time in history. Check out our FUNDRAISER TEES


We are using these shirts as a way to help out our fellow Arkansans. $10 of every purchase of a Coronavirus shirt will go to support the FoodBanks of Arkansas who make sure those affected by Covid-19 have access to nutritional food. There are six food banks in Arkansas that provide food to every county in the state. They distribute millions of pounds of food and other relief items every year. They distribute food through local food pantries, non profits, soup kitchens, and shelters that feed the hungry. Read more about what they do here:


We are also unveiling two shirts for the United Way of Central Arkansas. $10 of every purchase of these two shirts will go to help them create solutions that build stronger communities. They believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a good life, a quality education that leads to a stable job, good health and enough income to support a family. They helping families improve education, strengthen financial stability and make communities healthier. Read more about what they do here:


We are also partnering with the Arkansas Festivals and Events Association (AFEA) to help festivals and small businesses affected by Covid-19 due to cancellations of spring and summer events. Be on the lookout for this new collection of shirts that feature these businesses. Buy a shirt and we will send $10 to that particular business to help them retain some of the income they would have made at festivals. 


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