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Fordyce on the Cotton Belt

  • $ 20.00

April 25th would have been Cotton Belt's 40th year Anniversary. 20+20=40. We had some special plans to celebrate. Just like many other small towns, our town festival is the one weekend where former Redbugs come home, families are together, our town is celebrated. Our town was born because of the Rail Road and that's where we get our name "Cotton Belt". Our football team is 2A State Champs this year, our Fire Chief retired this year after 60 years of service just to name a few of the good things we were going to honor this year along with all the other fun things we plan every year. And of course, it's one of the busiest weekends for our small businesses which helps our a small town tremendously. Our committee hopes to re-schedule and not have to cancel all together.

Printed on a Unisex Cotton/poly Blend Tee. 

 When you purchase this shirt, $10 of every purchase will go to support Fordyce on the Cotton Belt.